About football predictions

Football predictions is where by the outcome or results of a match that has not been played is forecast. For instance, picking a match that was played on 2019-02-03 by Manchester City and Arsenal. This match could have been easily predicted following some routine steps as we do here at Foregoal.com and below is a screenshot of that match you can click on it so see more details.
The home team here is Manchester City which is on the left hand side and the away team is Arsenal which is on the right hand side, for all our displays we use left side for home team and right side for the away team. We use the past 20 matches of the 2 teams backwards from the time they were to play this match that is from the day before 2019-02-03. For home team we get 2018-11-04 as the 20th past match and for away team we get 2018-10-31 at the 20th past match.

Using this data we can come up with the strengths and weaknesses of these two teams, and eventually we can post a prediction for the match. And for that case we really did it so well.

Below is the screenshort of the results.
As you can see from the image is that we predicted the match results to be 3 - 1 and it really ended as 3 - 1 implying we made an impressive prediction, and of course apart for the CS (Correct Score) you can see the other categories of predictions that we made like the Goal Goal and No Goal, Overs and Unders and expected goals and more. We combined data from the teams and produce quality predictions that hit on the point always around 74% and even above.

Predictions Categories

We always deliver high precision predictions of different types of football result predictions to you. Below is the list of these categories and and you can click on the link to view predictions and learn more on how we come up with tips for a specific prediction category.