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About Over 0.5 predictions

In football match when at least one goal is scored in a particular match or game, the match result will be termed as over 0.5 (OV05), meaning more than one goals has been scored. For a match therefore to be qualified as over 0.5 (OV05), one or more goals have to be scored. Games ending as 0 - 0 are not considered as over 0.5 tips, this is under 0.5 outcome.

Many of football outcomes fall over 0.5 category around 96% of largely sampled football matches proves outcomes ending with more than one (1) and above goals being scored.

To make a pretty good selection of over 0.5 predictions you need to consider the last matches of the teams that are to play. At least 98% of their matches should have ended with one ore more goals.

A bad selection is where you pick matches that previously ended as zero zero (0 - 0 ) in more than 2 occasions especially in their last 6 matches as probably the teams could be experiencing some problems with their strikers.

Teams with high-level strikers paid a lot of money will always score goals and for such teams to end a match without a goal is very hard, but teams with low-level players don't guarantee goals to be scored. So consider selecting teams with strong strikers for your over 05 predictions.

Common names and abbreviations for over 05 tips:
Over 0.5, Over 05, OV0.5, OV05