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#RankNameRecent formAll time win rateGainFavorite predictionsView more
1.  Wayne Herman63%8.94Away win,Home win,NG View more
2.  Herbert Sampson85%7.78Home win,Over 2.5,NG View more
3.  Tyrone Lyss Gordon63%7.60Away win,Home win,NG View more
4.  Hector Kenny78%6.63Home win,GG,NG View more
5.  Theodore Hubert59%6.02Away win,NG View more
6.  Humphrey Reginald59%6.02Away win,NG View more
7.  Moses Harold59%6.02Away win,NG View more
8.  Miles Hal76%5.88Home win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
9.  Glenn Perry81%5.77Home win,GG,NG View more
10.  Guy Neal81%5.66Home win,Over 2.5 View more
11.  Rick Noel Glenn80%5.63Home win,NG,Under 2.5 View more
12.  Percival Sean Hector60%5.55Away win,Home win,Over 2.5 View more
13.  Hubert Ross60%5.55Away win,Home win,Over 2.5 View more
14.  Vergil Hube59%5.23Away win,Home win,Over 2.5 View more
15.  Hilary Vick53%5.18Away win,Under 2.5,Draw View more
16.  Jeffery Theodore77%5.18Away win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
17.  Gregg Bass100%5.07Over 2.5,NG,Under 2.5 View more
18.  Merril Griffin59%5.02Away win,Home win,GG View more
19.  Rene Geordie54%4.96Away win,Home win View more
20.  Stef Murray Jerry54%4.96Away win,Home win View more
21.  Lyn Gregor47%4.80Away win,Under 2.5,Draw View more
22.  Mark George74%4.73Away win,Home win,Under 2.5 View more
23.  Griffin Kendrick75%4.66Home win,Over 2.5,GG View more
24.  Rubin Bert57%4.62Home win,GG View more
25.  George Tristan92%4.61GG,NG,Under 2.5 View more
26.  Lewis Henry92%4.61GG,NG,Under 2.5 View more
27.  Winfrid Hube62%4.38Away win,Under 2.5,Draw View more
28.  Ralph Shelton Griffith68%4.30Away win,NG,Under 2.5 View more
29.  Nels Kester Harold69%4.30Away win,NG,Under 2.5 View more
30.  Jeffery Lewie50%4.30Away win,Under 2.5,Draw View more
31.  Silas Gerard63%4.29Home win,Over 2.5,Draw View more
32.  Hillary Luther57%4.26Home win,Away win,GG View more
33.  Raphael Humphrey71%4.17Away win,Home win,Under 2.5 View more
34.  Howard Wilson73%4.10Home win,GG,Under 2.5 View more
35.  Reuben Hubert71%4.08Home win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
36.  Hugo Stew77%4.02Away win,NG,Over 2.5 View more
37.  Todd Harold38%3.90Away win,Draw View more
38.  Osborne Homer38%3.90Away win,Draw View more
39.  Lucius Gregor59%3.89Home win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
40.  Gregory Micky63%3.82Home win,Draw,Under 2.5 View more
41.  Serge Glen69%3.71GG,NG,Draw View more
42.  Wendell Hube63%3.70Away win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
43.  Wiley Rolfe George76%3.65Home win,GG View more
44.  Shane Humphry63%3.63Away win,Home win,NG View more
45.  Lawrence Griffith45%3.61Away win,GG,Draw View more
46.  Gregg Lamont60%3.53Away win,NG,Draw View more
47.  Phillip Herman57%3.53Away win,NG,Draw View more
48.  Hugo (pro) Quentin57%3.53Away win,NG,Draw View more
49.  Jeffrey Marshall57%3.53Away win,NG,Draw View more
50.  Hube Saul63%3.51Home win,Draw,Under 2.5 View more
51.  Owen Graham63%3.51Home win,Draw,Under 2.5 View more
52.  Don Lyall75%3.51Home win,Under 2.5 View more
53.  Silas Poldie Harvey57%3.46Away win,GG,NG View more
54.  Harold Nevill84%3.43Away win,GG,NG View more
55.  Horace Tyrone61%3.31Home win,Over 2.5,Draw View more
56.  George Ron73%3.24Home win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
57.  Quincy Harvey59%3.20Home win,GG,Draw View more
58.  Jeffery Stef60%3.17Home win,NG,Draw View more
59.  Howard Maynard60%3.17Home win,NG,Draw View more
60.  Timothy Griffith38%2.98Away win View more
61.  Gordon Myles59%2.94Away win,Home win,NG View more
62.  Stew Michael Gregory57%2.92Away win,Home win,NG View more
63.  Hector Urias64%2.92GG,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
64.  Loyd Gerard83%2.83Away win,GG View more
65.  Ryan Humphry60%2.82Away win,Over 2.5,Draw View more
66.  Silas Grant71%2.80GG,NG,Over 2.5 View more
67.  Neville Glen56%2.80Away win,Over 2.5 View more
68.  Harvey Morgan56%2.80Away win,Over 2.5 View more
69.  Monte Hal56%2.80Away win,Over 2.5 View more
70.  Herbert Ron56%2.80Away win,Over 2.5 View more
71.  Pip Hal65%2.73Away win,NG View more
72.  Hilary Lincoln58%2.73Away win,NG,Draw View more
73.  Moe Horace62%2.71GG,NG,Draw View more
74.  Zach. Hubert68%2.70Away win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
75.  Thaddeus Grant64%2.64GG,Over 2.5,Draw View more
76.  Nathan Gordon57%2.59Home win,GG,Under 2.5 View more
77.  Guy Raphael63%2.56Away win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
78.  Griffin Roge67%2.49GG,Under 2.5,Draw View more
79.  Victor Horace72%2.48Away win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
80.  Hugh Zacharias72%2.48Away win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
81.  Gerard Vincent50%2.45Away win,GG,Draw View more
82.  Horace Oliver61%2.42Home win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
83.  Orlando Grant61%2.42Home win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
84.  Lonnie Justin Grant52%2.40Home win,Away win,Draw View more
85.  Silvester Harry55%2.40Away win,Home win,Under 2.5 View more
86.  Ossy Herbert70%2.38Away win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
87.  Newton Jeffrey76%2.38Away win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
88.  Jeffrey Travis76%2.38Away win,GG,Over 2.5 View more
89.  Spencer Horace69%2.38Away win,Under 2.5,Draw View more
90.  Montgomery Horatio69%2.38Away win,Draw View more
91.  Randy Llewellyn Geordie54%2.36Away win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
92.  Harry Lennie59%2.34Away win,Home win,Over 2.5 View more
93.  Lyle Don53%2.30Away win,Home win,GG View more
94.  Zach. Horatio63%2.29Away win,NG,Under 2.5 View more
95.  Kester Gordon63%2.29Away win,NG,Under 2.5 View more
96.  Nolly Natty Hillary75%2.29Home win,Over 2.5,Under 2.5 View more
97.  Homer Sal62%2.26Away win,NG,Over 2.5 View more
98.  George Wayne60%2.26Away win,NG,Over 2.5 View more
99.  Gilbert Thaddeus62%2.26Away win,NG,Over 2.5 View more
100.  Randall Guy61%2.26Away win,Home win,Under 2.5 View more
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