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Away win predictions
Predictions for Thursday, 2019-12-12
(1 tip)
MatchPredictionsMatch details
   England - FA Youth Cup
12/12/19 20:00
Sunderland U18  vs  Birmingham City U18
1 - 5
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About Away win tips

In a football match we have the home team (host) and the away team (guest). When the host wins we define this as 'home win' and if the guest wins it is said to be 'away win' and for the cases where there is a tie we say 'draw' - a tie is where the difference of goals is zero for example 1 -1, 2 - 2, 0 - 0 and so on.

This page gives you those tips with highest chances of the guest winning 'away win'. We deliver highest chances of above 60% for the away team winning, and of course tips with chances above 90% for away win can be produced by our advanced predictor.

You will get around 7 tips daily on this page, but you can get more than this if you need, you will just let us know more about your requirements and we will be there to help you.

To make best selection of the away team winning, check at that the team has won more than 4 out of its last 6 games. and that the opponent has lost 4 or more of its last 6 games. Factors like previous meeting also helps a lot.