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About Over 1.5 predictions

In football match when at least two (2) goal is scored in a particular match or game, the match result will be termed as over 1.5 (OV15), meaning more than 2 goals were scored. For a match therefore to be qualified as over 1.5 (OV15), two or more goals have to be scored. Games ending as 2 - 0, 3 - 0, 2 - 1 or 0 - 3 are considered as over 1.5 tips.

A good percentage of football results end in 2 or more goals, about 90% of all matches end as over 1.5 outcome it can therefore not be too complicated to come up with a prediction of a match resulting in two or more goals.

For you to work out easily on a criteria of selecting over 1.5 tips you need to look closely at the history of the two teams that will be playing a particular match at least 90% of their past matches should have produced over 1.5 results. And for their last 6 matches (their most recent form) they should have produced at least 2 goals in every match.

When the teams' recent matches have resulted in full-time results of under 1.5 for about 3 times you better leave that match as it could lead you to failures in you over 1.5 predictions. Checkout for teams with strong strikers who are in good form of scoring goals and are up against a kind of weak team with poor defense. Two strong teams meeting can also be a good selection as they could both score at least one goal which will give lead to over 1.5 results.

Common names and abbreviations for over 15 tips:
Over 1.5, Over 15, OV1.5, OV15